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Dried Lemon Garnish

Our Delicious Story

In 2021, our founders embarked on a mission to replicate the elegance of restaurant dining within the comfort and intimacy of one’s home. Driven by a desire to elevate at-home wine and dining experiences, this ambition quickly evolved into a boutique enterprise expanding from a modest selection of dried garnishes to a diverse array of premium botanicals and spices.

Today, we are a global brand, exporting our products to a wide range of clients, including major brands, trade partners, and home mixologists.

We are not just a global exporter of premium cocktail garnishes; we are pioneers in the zero-waste movement within the industry. Our commitment to sustainability sets us apart as one of the rare suppliers that utilize every part of the fruit, transforming it into consumable garnishes. This approach not only reduces waste but also ensures that our clients receive products that are both eco-friendly and of superior quality.

Our passion for excellence in cocktail garnishes is matched by our dedication to responsible sourcing, forging partnerships that allow us to handpick the best ingredients directly from their harvests

We quality check our products one piece at a time three times before you put in your glass or your brand name on it.

Cheers to a world of flavors and possibilities!

Your Ultimate Garnish Destination

F & B | Hospitality | Leisure

 Weighs 90% less than fresh products dried garnishes offer great convenience, consistency, longer shelf life & a significant reduction in food waste and cost. Dried garnishes also offer versatility to elevate the beverage offerings with greater visual appeal aroma and flavor.

For Spirit & Mixer brands

80% of premium spirit & mixer brands use garnishes ( Lime, Lemon, and oranges in marketing images ) . Private labeled dried garnishing range allows customers to have an elevated experience. upsell or offer complementary to exceed customer expectations.  

Wine & Retail Stores

 A unique product category that can guarantee a 100% incremental sale. Dried cocktail garnishes is a great impulse purchase product in store by the checkout counter. Having garnishes side by side with the right spirit or mixers can cross-sell efficiently.

Why Dried Garnishes Are the Perfect Pick?

Elevate your cocktails, Discover the Advantage!

Prolonged Freshness

Over 6 months shelf life on any product if stored in a cool dry place away from direct light & moisture

Reduce Waste

Avoid spoilage and join the more sustainable approach in the bar & hospitality industry.


Dehydrated garnishes offer endless creative possibilities with a burst of flavor & enhanced aroma


Stock up on a wide range of ready-use cocktail garnishes without worrying of sourcing prepping and storing

Our Featured Delicacies

Zest up your game with Tangy delights: Discover dried Lime slices
Unleash citrus Euphoria : Vibrant Orange slices
Lemon perfection : Exquisite dried Lemon slices
Island vibe in every glass : Dried Pineapple slices

Experience the difference that dehydrated perfection can make. Elevate your offering with our premium garnishes and unlock a world of flavor, color, and aroma.


If you are interested in expanding your product offering

through your own branding, order in bulk, or interested in distribution opportunities

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