Sip by sip, you advocate for a brighter tomorrow, where nature’s bounty remains unspoiled.

Cheers to a better future, one garnish at a time.

Our cocktail garnishes embody the essence of paradise, crafted from the freshest fruits, vibrant herbs, and exotic spices, meticulously sourced from lush landscapes and local growers. We are not just about indulging your senses; it’s about making a difference. Every products empowers local communities and supports sustainable practices. We believe in nurturing nature’s gifts while nurturing the livelihoods of farmers, artisans, and families in the regions we touch.




701 Tillery Street Unit 12-1029, Austin, Texas 78702, United States


Remember that you’re not just adding a garnish; you’re joining a movement. A movement to celebrate nature’s blessings, embrace the culture of cocktail craftsmanship, and make a lasting impact.

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