Natures essence preserved

Unraveling the intricacies of crafting delectable dehydrated fruit, aromatic spices & fragrant botanicals

100 % Natural fresh fruits & spices crafted to perfection for you.

Sourced locally

Sourcing through local farmers allows us to reduce transportation time and cost. Which is not only benefits the environment but allows us to support the local farmers and contribute to the local economy. This not only benefits us, but your customers can feel good about purchasing cocktail garnishes that are environmentally friendly and values community involvement.

Labor of love

Our manual process of hand crafting these fruits for the dehydration process helps us inspect one fruit at a time. Hand crafting dehydrated cocktail garnishes help us retain the natural flavor. Dried to perfection in low heat and inspecting one slices at a time prior to being packaged help us deliver the highest quality product to our customers.

Best crop

Long standing relationship with our community of suppliers allows us to hand pick the product in the right size and ripeness to produce the best dried cocktail garnishes. Choosing these right fruits helps us produce and deliver the most aromatic, visually appealing and consistent dehydrated cocktail garnishes in the market.

Delivered on demand

We process and ship products to our customer on a pull system. We are capable of maintaining vendor managed inventory to deliver right on time to your door step via air freight only using 10% of space and weight for transportation compared to fresh produce making it one of the most environmentally responsible products on your shelf reducing carbon emission and food waste.

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