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Dried Garnish Supplier

Boost sales

According to industry reports, stores that offer unique cocktail ingredients like dehydrated garnishes have experienced a sales growth of up to 25% in their cocktail-related products. 70% of consumers are willing to pay extra for unique and high-quality ingredients to enhance their cocktail creations. By providing dehydrated garnishes, store owners can tap into this growing market and cater to customers’ desires for exceptional cocktail experiences.

Trend and consumer demand

Cocktail culture has witnessed a surge in popularity in recent years, with an increasing number of people experimenting with mixology at home. Meeting the demand for dehydrated garnishes aligns with this trend and caters to consumers seeking unique and high-quality ingredients to elevate their cocktail creations at home or elsewhere.

Upselling & cross-selling opportunities

Dehydrated garnishes can be a valuable upselling item for off-license or wine stores. By promoting and recommending these garnishes alongside their spirit & mixer selection, stores can encourage customers to explore new flavors and enhance their drinking experience with complementing garnishes.

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